“Dennis has a wonderful message of freedom and redemption. If you know someone who’s struggling, what a wonderful opportunity to get free indeed.”
Terry Meeuwsen, co-host, 700 Club

Is alcohol, drug use or other addictions,
(like pornography, gambling, food, smoking)
badly affecting your life
or someone's life who you care about?

The Addiction Free Forever Program is the only program that GUARANTEES to show how to PERMANENTLY END an alcohol or drug problem or any addiction and have a deeply fulfilling life NATURALLY and is INEXPENSIVE! It costs less than one visit to a psychologist and is AT-HOME, not requiring any visits to an expensive rehab center. You can be an EX, not a "recovering."

Over 2000 people have already been helped, including suicides prevented.

This program has a "better-than-risk-free guarantee" in that it has a full money-back guarantee plus you will be able to keep the bonuses.
(But I've never heard of this program failing, and I've sold over 2000 of them. Instead I've received many emails of great success. See the quotes throughout this web page.)

"I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem."
Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test

"The Addiction Free Forever program is the best program I've seen in all my years of working with addiction. In fact it is the ONLY way that I've seen to be able to bring a permanent end to addiction.
AFF is as close to perfection as perfection can be in the 'world' of addicton! It has the power to bring addiction to an abrupt and permanent end for anyone choosing to get their life back and move forward. As a former nurse, interventionist and addictions life coach, with a history of working three decades in the medical field, it is a great day to wake up knowing that the Goliath of Addiction is being taken down in the Spirit of David. When my own dream crossed paths with Dennis' a few short years ago, I knew that the end to a seemingly hopeless road would soon be met with hope & healing!”
Diane Perkins

Is alcohol or drug use badly affecting your life
or someone's life who you care about?

The Addiction Free Forever Program is guaranteed to show how to permanently end an alcohol or drug problem and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally... for less than the cost of one visit to a counselor!

The way to have PERMANENT freedom
from alcohol and drugs requires three things:

(1) A way to successfully (and as painlessly as possible) get through withdrawal. But first:
(2) An inner experience that is strong and consists primarily of good feelings and not bad ones
(3) A way to view life that automatically and easily creates a life and feeling of deep fulfillment, inner strength and great purpose.

The Addiction Free Forever program
shows how to do all 3 of these things
and guides you through the process.

And when these three things are accomplished, alcohol and drugs are experienced as too harsh and therefore aren't desired or considered anymore.

Are you or your loved ones living in pain resulting from addiction
or from your past or current circumstances?

Are you having problems with broken relationships or threats of breakup if you don't get over your addiction?

Are your finances suffering or your job?

Is addiction jeopardizing your health or mental function?

If addiction is hurting you, it will only get worse unless you make a change. It is up to you to choose... but you don't have to do it alone.

Would you like to break free from addiction to live a happy life naturally without needing substances?

The Addiction Free Forever At-Home Christian Addiction Recovery Program is guaranteed to give you the tools to break an addiction to alcohol, drugs or other addictions and to show you how to have a deeply fulfilling life naturally. Plus there is an option of personal coaching if desired.

Instead of thinking of yourself as “recovering” would you like to end a problem with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction once and for all?

“Addiction Free Forever” is a proven method that just doesn’t deal with the weeds of addiction, but rather it pulls them out by the roots. Not only that, but in that process you also end up creating a great life for yourself (satisfying and inspiring).

The alcohol and drug program is inexpensive and doesn’t take much time. It also works for other addictions - like gambling, food, sex - which are additionally covered in the book Sweeping It Under the Drug.)

Personal Testimonial: "I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem." Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test
You don’t "need" years of counseling or support groups to overcome an addiction!
Recover in the privacy of your home. You don’t "need" to go to a counselor or clinic!
You don’t have to be “recovering” indefinitely. You can be an EX.

This program combines the best of psychology with solid principles from the Bible. It shows you how to end the struggle. And you don't have to quit your addiction to begin the program. You just need to be willing to carry out the steps in the program. There are three options on when to stop using your addictive substance as you proceed through the steps of the program.

The program shows you how key elements found in the Bible are an important part of the solution to an addiction problem and when properly understood and carried out give a PERMANENT SOLUTION to addiction. The program also shows you how to be totally convinced that God exists and the Bible is all true so you can live your life based on what works and what is proven.


As an
EX-alcoholic and EX-drug user (no longer a "recovering" one for 29 years now after 18 years of use),
I'm happy to present here the method that accomplished that for me and that I guarantee will also work for you.

As a former member of some top name bands, including Sly and the Family Stone, I've lived and worked around a lot of drug and alcohol use and abuse. For many years I regularly used drugs and alcohol. At first I did so out of curiosity and peer pressure and a desire for fun. Then later it was to fit in with my peers, and to try to elevate my moods and escape my inner and outer problems and (perceived or real) personal deficiencies. And after a while it became a bad habit.

But that approach to life ruined my marriage and nearly cost me my sanity. For many years I went from psychiatrists to counselors and different programs trying to find the answers to my alcohol, drug, life and inner problems. But despite years of therapy, I ended up at one point in so much pain that I just wanted to end it all and decided to commit suicide.

Fortunately that didn't happen. Instead, what I eventually discovered not only gave me the strength to stop all addictions... it turned my life into one that has joy, great purpose, and deep fulfillment.

And that has been going on for 24 years now, which is why I call myself an
EX- alcoholic and EX-drug user, not a "recovering" one. Drugs and alcohol are distant memories now that I wouldn't let invade the great life that I now experience... not because I'm afraid to use them, but because I just don't like them. Compared to my life now, I would experience them as a "downer".

This same method can work for ANYBODY...
regardless of circumstances.

Here's a very heartwarming email I recently received:

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for saving my life, literally. Not long ago, I was in despair and ready to take my own life. I have been an alcoholic for several years and lost everything that has been important to me because of that. But most recently, I had gotten engaged to a person who I consider an angel from God. Well my drinking and lack of success with my work lead to her leaving me and not wanting to continue together. I was completely broken and ready to take my own life. And when I say ready, I'm talking about seconds away from squeezing the trigger. Somehow by the grace of God I didn't and today I feel better than ever. Although I have a long way to go, I feel more strongly that I will come out of this on top and most importantly be closer to God. God somehow lead my online to order your book and I did. I was broken down, crying and ready to end it and somehow I found your book online and ordered it right away. Well I wanted to say thank you for saving my life. That's not a joke. Between what you had written in your book, plus the strength that God put in me, I did not take my own life. Because of alcohol, I lost everything in my life. Money, a good job, and the most important person in my life. Well NO MORE!! I will never take another drink in my life, and I can say that without a problem. I almost checked myself into a rehab facility but instead just followed your book and took Jesus into my heart as my savior and ever since have been on my way to a better more fulfilling life. I wanted to thank you for everything. I often sit down and read your book over and over because it just makes more sense every time I read it. Dennis, you and God together saved my life!!! I have an 11 year old daughter who obviously has no idea mentally where I was or how close I was to ending it. So I want to say thank you on behalf of her and myself. I'm on my way to a better life, and a life that leads me closer to God. For anyone out there who thinks you’re better off dead, I'm here to tell you your wrong. One more little story and I will close. I was traveling with my daughter and we were having a discussion about God and how he takes care of us without even realizing it. I had told her that my work was not going well and quite frankly I was just about broke, but I had faith that God would take care of me and so I wasn't stressed about it. Literally within 15 seconds of finishing that conversation, I received a phone call from a customer that said he wanted to go ahead and redo his roof. This is a 34,000 job that came out of nowhere. I fully believe that it was my believing in the fact that God would find a way to take care of me and he did. My daughter looked at me in amazement. The fact is, without God in my life this wouldn't have happened, but I believe more now than I ever have in my life and I'm not stopping here. Dennis, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my daughter too. I will never go back to the person I was and will continue to follow the Lord and lead a Christian life. If ever I can help you, don't ever hesitate to give me a call.

Thank you again (New Jersey)

(More feedback from someone else who tried my program)

"I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem."
Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test (Arkansas)

"I was addicted to Oxycontin and your great program freed me from that. And I was a Christian. I will be forever grateful to you." (Oregon)

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Dennis,

All I have to say about your program is good news.  My name is Ben ****** from Wisconsin.  I had been involved with drugs and alchohal for 5 years of my life through High School and a year after High school.  I had struggled for a year or so before I was successful and did it God's way(took a owi to get there).  I was supprized how fast the lord worked in me it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced.  I have no desire to use drugs or alchohal anymore, all I am intrested in doing is trying to get myself to follow the bible as best as I can to try and get as close to 100% as I possibly can.  I will never forget the first time I felt the presence of the lord.  It has only happened 4 days ago now.  I have been listening to 89.5 a christian radio station in our area and they where talking about how god loves when we work hard so I decided to take that advice and not be a slacker in my job at the hospital, which quite frankly it was very easy to get away with being a slacker at that establishment.  I did just that and then I was also talking with god throughout that whole day and I decided or rather he decided that I should tell a prior addict buddy of mine about this program.  That was hard for me to do but I knew god had wanted me to do it.  I cried in front of him but I didn't really care because my life was starting to go on the upsweep by following your program.  Then later that night I had been reading the bible with my mom, she has helped me so much she was the one who told me about your program, well anyway I'm getting of track I was reading from the bible and everything I read seemed to be the perfect truth to me and then it hit me I felt his spirit within me.  I had such a feeling of peace and love come over me I felt high it wasn't quite as strong as you described some of yours but it was defenantly awesome.  It never really went away either I still feel it within me as I write this to you.  I never really quite understood it until I actually felt it.  I wanted to share my good news with you I no longer smoke, drink or do anything risky to get an unnatural high anymore and life is excellent for me now I just recently went to church and I love to go it makes that feeling of peace and love even more intense.  I'm going to paint the gym for that church sometime next week and I hope to meet friends who are just as exicited about the lord as I now am because I don't have many friends cause I ditched the old ones whom I thought were my friends.  Thanks so much for getting my christian foundation started and God Bless for he is good and the world not so much but hey it's only for awhile then we get to meet him and live free for eternity.  I would like to meet you some day either in this life or the next whichever comes soonest I know you must be a busy man. Thank you again Ben (Wisconsin)

Hey dennis,
My name is Billy,  I just got finished reading the book that you wrote: addiction free forever.  you really hit the nail on the head.  It has really been a powerful tool.  thank you! Now on the road to recovery Ive never felt so clear and pure 'purification' is a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you very much for breaking it down the way u did in the book.  Its truly a masterpiece. 
                                                    Sincerely Billy

So you can see why I'm excited to share what I've found with others, because I know that this same method can work for ANYBODY... regardless of circumstances. I say that because when I started the method in this program, I was weak, alone, in pain, broke, shy, living in a bad neighborhood, and without hope because I had tried nearly everything and everyone else over the span of many years. I could see nothing great "out there".

The many years I spent searching for the answers to my inner problems took me through 22 different approaches to lifestyle and personal growth and problem solving before finding what really works. Now I am totally inspired and even feel driven to share the answers and method I found that completely transformed my life.

This program doesn't ask you to give up drugs or alcohol without first showing you something better to take their place.

Then as you get stronger in the better life, you automatically wean yourself off of drugs or alcohol.

You can download this life transformation method for just $77.00 (no shipping charges) or purchase the paperback version (which I recommend because there will be fill-ins), which is less than even one visit to a counselor! And if my and other's experiences with therapists, counselors and psychologists are any indication, you will accomplish with this program what you might not accomplish in many years of regular visits to them.

It's not realistic to expect someone to permanently "say no to drugs" unless they have something better to say "yes" to.

This method not only shows what that better "yes" is,
it puts you right into that life step by step.

This program gives you a NATURAL way to break free from addiction for good and shows you something better to say "yes" to which gives you the strength, peace and joy to say "no" to drugs.

Begin a new life where you will feel good NATURALLY without having to medicate yourself just to get through the day, your job or life itself. Find out how to have such a good life that alcohol and drugs will be NO fun.

By following this program your desire to be off of alcohol and drugs will finally be rewarded and will succeed! This program contains everything you need to start improving your life right away.

Click here to order

This program could also be for someone who you care about who is having a problem with alcohol or drugs who you'd like to help.

In this day and age it's not hard to get stuck in a life where alcohol and drugs are relied on to either cope or just to try to make life a better experience. There is peer pressure, job demands, confusion about romance and marriage, emotional pressures, stress, etc.

But there is a better way to have a great life experience without resorting to the addicting, mind-harming and health-damaging effects of alcohol or drugs. But this culture makes it difficult to see and find that way. This program not only shows that way but has steps to help you transform your life into it. And there are no hangovers and comedowns!

When you carry out this method, you will not only NOT feel the need to self-medicate or entertain yourself with drugs or alcohol, they will even become undesirable or repulsive to you.

I learned something in my own life that perhaps you can relate to. Willpower is not enough. You can make a decision to stop, but it doesn't last unless you have something better to replace it with... something that will put the strength, peace and joy in you that will allow you to easily back up your decision to say no to alcohol and drugs.

We obviously don't have complete control over our being, so we need to know what to do that will create in us inner strength, peace, joy and deep fulfillment.

This method shows how to do that. If you think about it, that's a pretty awesome promise and benefit. It's something that most people want, even if they don't have a drug or alcohol problem. Anyone, even without an addiction problem can use this method to improve their life!


The initial appeal to a person who gives themselves to alcohol or drugs could be based on nearly every person's bottom line: they overall want to feel good and not feel bad. A person who is given to alcohol or drugs takes that approach because they see that as their best option. They need to be shown a better option (which this program does). But they often might not be open to that until they've had some negative experiences with alcohol or drugs and then want to do something about that and wonder if there is a better way to approach life. Are you or a person you care about there yet?

Click here to order

With this special internet offer, you also get the following FREE DOWNLOADABLE BONUSES:

Bonus #1: The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) modern English translation of the Holy Bible based on the American Standard Version of the Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. It is in draft form, and currently being edited for accuracy and readability. The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs are close to how they will read when they are finished. Most of the Old Testament are still being updated in modern English.

Format: .pdf file for instant download

Bonus #2: The Most Valuable Psychology Principle. This simple principle is very effective in understanding the cause of good and bad feelings and helps in gaining control over emotions... not in a forceful or suppressive way but in a natural and easy way.

Format: .pdf file for instant download

Don't put it off any longer! Make a commitment today!
You can have a great life!

Click here to order

Here are just a few reviews of the breakthrough material in the Addiction Free Forever Christian Recovery Program:

"I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem." Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test

"Clearly, you have won your war against drugs as you have been drug free for years. Your success in overcoming addiction is to be commended. It is our wish that every person stricken with an addiction to drugs can overcome it with the success you have had. It is our hope that every other person can understand the devastation that occurs through addiction and makes it a personal goal to stay clear of drugs. It is the dedication of people like you that give all of us hope for the future.”
G. Albert Howenstein, Jr., Exec. Dir., Office Of Criminal Justice Planning, CA Governor's office

"This book 'iced' my cousin, who was heavily into drugs. He took the book's advice and now he's off of drugs and happy. I'd like to order 10 more copies."
Constance Elliot, U.S. Dept. of Health, Washington D.C.

"This book not only includes what the 12 step program has to offer, but it takes up where the 12 step program leaves off. It has been a great help to me."
Mike Pinera, former lead singer, guitarist and writer for "Blues Image", "Iron Butterfly" & "Alice Cooper", also very active in AA and CA.

"...frank and friendly...sincere and optimistic...not only concerned with ridding people's lives of drugs, but also with leading them to a higher state of being and greater fulfillment as individuals...a sympathetic voice which will affect readers for the better...This book is personal rather than systematically therapeutic or a 'pop' treatment of a current social concern...touches upon the important factors of human life---the self, relationships, mates, and others."
Corinne Perry Buck, The Small Press Book Review ('feature' review)

"I highly recommend the reading of this book as an understanding guide for all of the 12 step recovery programs. It gave me greater insight into my need for continuous spiritual development in order to maintain quality sobriety and peace of mind."
Gloria Montgomery, Chairperson of ALL/ANON GROUP. Founder of RECOVERY SYSTEMS. Founded many alcohol & chemical dependency rehab centers & hospital clinics in U.S. & Canada. CEDARS SINAI Alcoholism Counselor. 29 years clean & sober. Personal counselor to Shelley Winters, highly mentioned in her book.

"This book is absolutely --WONDERFUL! I could not put it down until I had read all of it. It is one of the most fascinating books I have read in years."
Robert Tyre, Editor, Eclectic Press, Atlanta, Georgia

"Very powerful material. An amazing piece of work by an amazing man."
Scott Fagan, Head of the recovery unit at Brotman Hospital (one of Los Angeles' largest).. Founder and Chairman of BIZRAP (entertainment industry Recovery Assistance Program). UCLA graduate (Drug Rehabilitation Clinic Design), Active leader in AA and CA (Cocaine Anon.)

"I wanted to write and thank you for your book. I work in the prison library so as soon as I finished reading your book I placed it in the library. It has been very popular with the inmates. It is really a good book on substance abuse."
Benjamin, Seagoville, Texas

"I read your book and was very inspired to clean up my act. I'd like to order another copy for myself and one to pass on."
Theresa, Escondido, CA

"Just finished reading your book and wanted you to know how much it helped me. Thank you. May God bless you greatly."
Mary A.

"A carefully reasoned argument against drug use that goes further than telling people to "just say no"--it offers real help for people who want to break free of the bondage of drugs. The book gives vivid insight into the realities of the drug culture that most of us never see."
Dr. John MacArthur Jr., author, radio minister, and
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

If you don't want to be caught up in the wrong world, you need to have a really clear vision of the right world (and why it's rightfor you) and a path to get you into it. This program gives you the "clear vision", the "why", and the "path".

This method goes beyond the 12 step programs.
It cures you, not keeping you a perpetual addict.

The method in this program has taken away my desire to use alcohol or drugs and I can say that I'm no longer an addict or alcoholic. Unlike 12-step programs that don't claim to cure a person from alcoholism or drugs but just to control them, the method in this program, when put into practice will cure you so that you are no longer an alcoholic or addicted person. You won't have to stand up and say "My name is ____, and I'm an alcoholic (or drug addict)" because you won't be an alcoholic or drug addict anymore. You can be cured! And you will feel and know for sure that you are, just like I did 24 years ago after 18 years of using alcohol and drugs.

If you follow what is in this program, you will lose your cravings and be addiction free... guaranteed or your money back. You don't need to interrupt your life and pay a large sum of money to go off to an expensive rehab program that takes you away from your everyday life, family and friends. You can work through this program at home while continuing your job and life. Or if you'd like some extra help with it, I'm available for personal coaching either through telephone or e-mail.

Why not try this method before investing large sums of money into rehab and counseling that might not even work? Or, tell your friend or relative who is struggling with this issue about this, or buy it as a gift for them to show how much you care about them. I urge you to try what is in this program and see that it will work for you, just as it has worked for me. I truly believe it has the only real way to cure addictions. And frankly I don't see any other possible way to PERMANENTLY end an addiction. I'm clean and sober, deeply fulfilled and very inspired now for over 24 years and you can be too.

Stop the pain of living a life on the roller coaster ride of addiction and begin your new life today!


Dennis Marcellino

P.S. Just think! You'll never have to suffer again from the pain and hassle of living a life addicted to alcohol or drugs or wondering if you're doing the right thing. And you'll make so many people happy with this accomplishment. Now, you have the opportunity to follow a method that will show you how to transform your life to one that is happier and more rewarding than you have now and all the thinking and painful and costly experimenting to find this method has already been done for you. You simply do what the program says... and soon you will be addiction free FOREVER! There is never a better time to begin a new life than right now. So why not give this method a try? With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's How to Order:

The Addiction Free Forever Christian Recovery Program

The Addiction Free Forever Christian Recovery Program includes the Addiction Free Forever book and workbook, the Why Are We Here book and workbook, and Sweeping it Under the Drug plus the downloadable bonuses below.

Downloadable books are in .pdf file format and work with both PCs and Macs. (These files work with Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader which most computers already have... but if you don't have it, it can be downloaded for free. Instructions on how to do this are on the download page.)

I want to purchase the Addiction Free Forever Christian Recovery Program which includes the Addiction Free Forever book and workbook, PLUS the Why Are We Here book and workbook and Sweeping It Under the Drug, some very helpful supporting materials that will make it even easier to carry out what's in the method! It covers all you need to know to have a deeply fulfilling life without using drugs or alcohol to feel good.

Two options: $77.00 for Instant Download of the program to your computer. Save the shipping costs and get the pdf files immediately...
OR ... the Paperback Version of the program (3 books and 2 workbooks) sent in the mail for $177.00 (plus shipping).

Both are a great value and cost less than one visit to most counselors or one day in a rehab center while giving much more information and help!

Order now through our secure server below.

Click the button below to order the Addiction Free Forever At-Home Christian Addiction Recovery Program (Downloadable Version of 3 books and 2 workbooks) for immediate download for $77.00 (no shipping charges). After paying through the secure payment page, wait for a few seconds online to access the download page. DOWNLOADABLE VERSION FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD:


Click the button below to order the Addiction Free Forever At-Home Christian Addiction Recovery Program (3 paperback books and 2 paperback workbooks plus the downloadable version) to be sent in the mail for $177.00 (plus shipping). PAPERBACK PLUS DOWNLOADABLE VERSION SENT IN MAIL:

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All rights reserved

email: OrderDept@AddictionFreeForever.com

Special Note for Christians:

Some Christians have a problem with alcohol or drugs (or life itself). Why is that, given that Christianity offers solutions for life’s problems? It’s because many Christians have not had adequate formation in Christianity and don't know how to fully implement it.

Becoming a Christian is only the first step on the road to perfection. And the path to that perfection (which is not fully realized on a continual basis until Heaven) involves the development of two basic skills: (1) being continuously fine-tuned to the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit, and (2) having our thoughts in line with what is in the Bible (Psalms 1:1-2 Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked, Nor go the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers. Rather, the law of the LORD is their joy; God’s law they study day and night.). Those two skills fulfill Jesus’ directive (John 4:24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and truth.”)

Then the last piece of the puzzle is that our will (that is, us, the executive decision maker of our lives) makes ‘doing what the Bible and Holy Spirit say’ the TOP priority of our life... instead of following “the world”, the media, other people’s opinions, books, mainstream thinking, our thoughts or our feelings (many of which are triggered by our subconscious, which has had many of its [now automatic] attitudes, approaches and feelings about life formed by bad experiences in our past). James 1:22 "Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves." Matthew 7:24 “Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock”.

The Addiction Free Forever At-Home Christian Addiction Recovery Program shows a person why and how to do all three of the above mentioned things (finely hearing the Holy Spirit; having our thoughts filled with just holiness; basing our actions on just those two). And the Addiction Free Forever workbook takes a person step by step through a complete inventory of their life and their experience within it and shows them how to transform to a high state of Christian maturity. Achieving this high state is what gives a person the strength, peace, deep fulfillment and great purpose that will not only eliminate any desire for alcohol or drugs, but they will find their effects repulsive. I cite my experience, the experiences of many others, and the promises in the Bible as testimony to that fact.

My advice to a parent’s email

One of our sons was a former heroin addict, became clean through a Calvary Chapel Rehab - and then after a few months started taking pain killers.

Obviously he didn't resolve his inner turmoil. My program is very personal, directly between him and God (who you correctly said is the only one who has the power to strengthen his heart and give him peace, deep fulfillment and a high purpose for his life).

So very sad and find ourselves searching continually for answers even though we know he has to want to change

That's the critical step 1. If he does want to, my program would show how to do that. But if he will at least commit himself to reading the book (even if just to make you happy), he could be convinced to want to change in that process.

Do you believe families should step in or stay out?

The best thing a parent can do is to let their son know that they really want to help, then have a conversation with them where they feel safe to open up with you and let you know EXACTLY what they are feeling (in total) and thinking and WHY they think/feel that drug use is their best option. (And despite what they might say, they obviously do think that or else they wouldn't be doing it). Then you could tell them how bad you feel seeing them have this problem, and how it would be a great relief to you if they would give my program a try, because in it I convince them WHY the drug approach is not a good one and that there IS a better approach, which I also work to convince them of. And it’s one that they would WILLINGLY choose. Then once they are convinced of those two things, it's an easy choice for them to want to move on to a clean life. And I've seen that work many times with my program, and I've never heard of it failing (and I've sold over 1000 programs). And you can know that deep down, a clean, fulfilling life is what he REALLY wants but just doesn't know how to get there (which my program shows.)

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